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Caswell House


Pioneer Solomon Caswell built this home in 1832 near the intersection of Big Beaver and Adams Roads. The house replaced his family's 1823 log cabin. The columns on either side of the main entry, cornice with dentils, and symmetrical windows are Greek revival features. Inside, the colors and furnishings are typical of a home in 1865. The square Steinway grand piano dates to early 1864 and remained in the parlor when the house was relocated to the Museum in 1968. The Ogee clock in the parlor was of the type first mass-produced in America.

If you look closely, you can see the stovepipes from the parlor stove and kitchen step stove. They provided radiant heat to these rooms and the two bedrooms above them. Peek into the pantry where food was stored and prepared. You can also see the dough box where bread was kneaded, the pie safe with tin-punched panels that kept flies off food, and the dry sink for washing dishes.